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Preparation Method Of Pickled Green Pepper

- Apr 20, 2017 -

Required raw materials: Green pepper 2500g (if the word to buy 3000g), garlic 150g, ginger 159g, braised soy sauce in two packs, salt 150g (the taste of light to put 100g), white sugar 150g, high liquor 150g, oil salad 150g, msg 100g.


1. Green pepper Wash slice (preferably sun bask in, remove more moisture, lest pickling after the effluent too much), garlic slice, ginger shred.

2. Sauce and so on all spices into the containers, small fire stirring evenly after the cooling to stay.

3. Mix the green pepper slices, garlic slices and ginger together in the marinade, if the container is small, can be put in batches.

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