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The Method Of Distinguishing Soybean Paste

- Apr 20, 2017 -

Identification Method One

Smell: Good quality pi Bean has rich watercress and chili flavor, while the fake pi watercress because of simplified production process, so only the rich pepper flavor and no watercress.

See: The fake pi watercress to simplify the cumbersome production process, add a lot of hot pepper noodles to increase its spicy, if the surface of pi bean powder material, it is said that this bean is added chili noodles, is fake products, while authentic generally rendering block.

Identification Method Two

In this process to pay attention to the dry humidity of the product, the deployment of good products in the sun in the cylinder to pass 2-8-6 months, drying, dew. In this process at least once every day, the embryo, such as rain to cover the cylinder head, lest the product be polluted by rain, after the rain will jar the lid off

Identification Method Three

Taste: In order to increase the weight of pi watercress, many pusher in the watercress add a lot of salt, so tasting the taste is very salty, and authentic salinity is moderate.

In addition to the three methods described above, a lot of Sichuan chefs will add watercress in the pot stir fry, if the use of the appropriate cooking methods, and the phenomenon of sticky pot, indicating that this watercress is added flour.

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