Pickled Vegetables with Chilli Oil

Pickled Vegetables with Chilli Oil

Pickled Vegetable with Chili Oil (ZhaCai) Fish Flavor uses precisely selected fresh mustard plant stem as its main ingredient. Then it goes through detailed procedures and is seasoned with secret spices, making it irresistible! Crunchy and spicy, it tastes great with rice or noodle!This product is packaged ready to eat.

Product Details

Marinate Sauce

Shelf life: 360 days

Packaging features:vertical bag

Specifications: 120/160g

Storage: Dry, ventilated, cool and dark place

Ingredient:Pickled vegetable(stem mustard),Rap oli(non-transgenic),Edible salt,Chilli,Yeast extract,White wine,Spice,MSG,Socralose,Sodium D-isoascorbate,Lactic acid,Citric acid,Disodium EDTA,Disodium 5'-riboucleotide,Paprika red,Tartrazine.

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